Far-IR ceramic-insulating powder and masterbatch


    Sunlight consists of many different kinds of waves of ray.  The visible rays are red, orange, yellow and green. And the invisible wavelenghts range from O.75-1000 microns, wherein the 4-l000 micron is called far infrared waves and the 4-l4 microns, the far infrared, "maternity light."


    2897 ÷ (273 + 36.5) = 9.36


Constant ÷ (absolute temperature + body temperature) = fertility lightwave


    TrueYoung infrared materials is taken from natural rare minerals of seaweed in the deep sea and extract the compound of mud. We use high-tech grinding to stretch the infrared materials to about 250nm and to mix masterbatch.

    Natural minerals and natural ingredients will absorb the light and heat and then release the 8 ~ 12μm micron wavelength, similar to the 9.36 micron wavelength that the human body can absorb.  It can help the body to increase blood circulation and oxygen levels It is very useful for plant and animal development.

    Taiwan holds the patents of grinding technology.  

    Textile Federation are in line with the far-infrared functional product certification standards. 

    Comply with the Atomic Energy Commission, Executive radioactive substances, equivalent to the natural environmental background values. 

    Best for spinning, panting, mixing pottery and other purposes.


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