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     True Young Co., Ltd (TYC) was established in 1987. The founding princples of us are Diligence, Tthrift, Ssimplicity, Practicability, Hard-working, Gregariousness, Being environmentally friendly, Innovation, Customers' success, Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Sustainable development. Our mission is to innovate environmentally-friendly multi-functional products, to help create for humanity a healtier life with good quality and less pollution and to specialize in manufacturing PET reclaimed fiber and dope-dye colored staples.

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     TYC's major production is to produce reclaimed staple from PET recycling for downstream manufactures. Starting from the beginning, TYC makes its commitment cooperating with the textile industry in protecting the environment. With this commitment, our company was awarded by Environmental Protection Administration the first mark of environment protection commodity, "100% Plastic Rubber recycled products."

     TYC puts out a great effort in developing various fibers featuring ecological protection and multi-functions. In 1989,TYC developed dope dyed colored staple aimed to eliminate the pollution of textile waste water. The next important year for TYC was 1995, when the Far-IR heat preservative polyester fibers, the flame-retardant staple, and anti-bacterial fiber were developed respectively . Then the follow-up developments are high tenacity P.P fibers for cement reinforcement, glow-un-dark fibers, Cool sense of fiber, Bamboo Chrcoal Fiber, fluorescent fibers, and anion fibers.

      green label

      The True Young Co., Ltd. is the fist company that, in the process of manufacturing, follows the criterion, "products made from recycled plastic or waste rubber," and meets all the other reuqirements under the Green Mark Ecolabelling program designed by Environment and Development Foundation of Taiwan. The company has also won the 1999 Enterprise Innovation Research Award for its Far-IR multifunctional PET fiber from the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs.



TrueYoung Evnironmental policy

“Our policy is to continue improving a healthy multifuctional product, and to advance development of creating a healthy life with good quality and low pollution.”

We are steadfast to:

1.  Complying with government environmental regulations, using waste PET bottles as a raw material to create low pollution color cotton, and reduing the use of natural resources and pollutions in our environment.

2.  Continuing to educate our customers, raw material suppliers and associates the issue of the environmental pollution, and to advise our customers to use a nature-friendly reusable materials to protect the earth.

3.  Continuing to Improve our management performance to reduce the loss of material duing the process of production.

4.  Stressing the importance of the responsibilities to preserve our green earth and to achieve the goal of sustainable development.




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