Bamboo Charcoal Fiber


     In natural enviroment, Bamboo growing up with a large of amounts of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other water soluble minerals.  With highly temperatures smoldering, charcoal can contains three times mineral more then other charcoal.

     CAS charcoal is made of 4 year old bamboo, with a special carbonization technology tempture ranging from 700-750℃ bamboo charcoal can become very dense and leave more pore and contain more minerals.

bamboo        The sound of tapping surface of the bamboo charcoal is like a sharp ringring tone as of metal.  The surface is be very smooth and no crack and holes. 

     With high tech grinding technique, bamboo charcoal will turn into nano powder and mixed with Polymer.

     The surface of Bamboo charcoal its dense is three times then other charcoals, it can deodorize and absoreb decomposition sulfide, nitride, methanol, benzene, phenol and other harmful chemicals.

     With its unique characteristics it can adjust the moisure and dehumidification.

     Rich in many good minerals; potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and manganese.

     With Far-IR it can also enhance the blood circulation and benefit health.

     With resistance of 1Ω charcoal it can also shield some electromagnetic field.

     Increase negative ions charged and health benefits


Bamboo atigerm



Bamboo atigerm



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