Think Twice, Why Recycle?

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     It is astonishing to find what happened to the sea on the planet when we search the words, "waste, sea, and garbag" on the Internet.  You will find 40% of the sea, which convers 70% of the earh, are filled by tons of garbage. The immense ammount of garbage has killed countless lives for over a century since 1940s. Yet, the garbage floats on the sea quietly and innocently.

     Think how much you've contributed to the amount of garbage? Every single bottle that you throw away will stay and last forever.

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     Plastics play a very important role in the modern socity. It surrounds us everywhere: the widespread use of plastic makes your life more convenient but also makes your world more polluted. This is where we come in to collect and recycle plastics. Plastics are sorted and shredded into small flakes. These flakes are melted, cleaned, and filtered. And then we turn them into new plastic product. There are many factories manufacture good dope-dye, we are the one that makes dope-dye even better. 

     We guarantee

     1. Color consistency. Yes, that's right. Generally speaking, the more complicated the process and chemistry is, the more difficult it is to ensure color consistency. We can make 10 year before doped dyed colour as same is todays doped dyed.

     2. The lowest defective rate.In fact, we will give you 100% yield rate for every product we make for you. We dont' want you to stop the entire prodcution line just because of defective material. We are proud of what we make and we strive for the best outcome.

      3. Environmental protection. Being a part of the earth, we do recognize that the earth is very volnerable. We have to take the responsibility to protect the world in which we are living. We do a lot to save energy in production. The least thing we would like to do is to pollute the environment duing the process of production. Therefore, we use less water, less chemicals, and less electricity. Yes, we make the best dope-dye, and it is our goal to make plastic more friendly. We recycle it and rebuild it. If you like what we do here. Please help recycle and use less plastics.




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You will find 40% of the sea, which convers 70% of the earh, are filled by tons of garbage.

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