Infrared Fibers and Their Applications

Author(s):    James A Harrington
Published:   2004
DOI:             10.1117/3.540899
eISBN: 9780819481139  |  Print ISBN13: 9780819452184  |  Print ISBN10: 0819452181

As an expert in the field with nearly 30 years' experience, Harrington provides complete and up-to-date coverage of infrared fiber technology. Readers are given in-depth facts about the three key types of IR fibers, including how they developed and how they work. What sets this book apart is its comprehensive look at current and future applications, such as IR fiber amplifiers and photonic bandgap fibers, as well as fabrication techniques. Scientists, engineers, and business people will learn about their myriad uses and possible uses in telecommunications, medicine and surgery, and sensors, among others.